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At chequers you can get your fish battered or plain healthy grilled, whether it's cod tail or haddock, served with homemade chips, garden or mushy peas and tartare sauce.


Your menu claims that the ‘Fish and Chips’ are ‘probably the best in town’. Well, yes, of course you would, I appreciate that point. However, I had seen another eatery with the same claim and I felt duty bound to uncover the truth on behalf of the rumbling stomachs and tingling tastebuds of Bangkok. Whose claim was justified and whose was merely spurious bluster ?

Not only that, but where was the other eatery?

So the search began. But where to start? I had recently moved apartment from Pinlklao to Lad Prao and I was by no means certain that the ‘competition’ was in your locality. It may have been over in Kao San road where I regularly used to eat if working in that area. Nethertheless I started by looking around a few places in Soi 4 which were pleasant enough and indeed there was a ‘Fish and Chip’ item on the menu and quite palettable it was, too.

You will understand, I hope, that research of this nature could not feasibly be carried out all on one evening, what with the walking, drinking and eating time to consider. Each time I found a likely location I first had to buy a beer and peruse the menu before ordering, if the dish were indeed on the menu. There were a few others that I tried but to no real avail.

Then Soi Cowboy gave me a flash of inspiration among other things. Maybe it was down that way. I had heard that that there was food for the belly as well as eye-candy a-plenty but it was a long time since I personally had gone down there to eat ! Look, I usually go to the bars where there is a live band, OK? I like listening to music with my beer. And there’s no need to look at me like that !

Anyway, I started at Country Road, which is one bar where they have a live band and had a beer while I planned out my course of action. I listened for a while but then my sense of shame pricked me onwards. No, hang on ! They’re playing some decent stuff tonight. Another beer, please !

Right, on with the job, I thought, a little later. So, my task, which I had accepted, was to find some fabulous fish and chips and I stepped back out into the Soi. Well, I’m no fool ! Why should I do all that leg-work when there are these delectable ladies to help me with my enquiries ? However, a word of warning to you, dear reader; not all these young ladies can be trusted to tell the truth. “You sell food in this bar?” I would ask. The answer would come back, “We have what you like to eat. We happy to serve you.” In I went and had a beeer and asked for the menyu. Well, I had to wait for a while and then after ‘one more beer, na ka?’ I realised there was no food in that bar. The next one proved just as fluteless but I was feeling ver relax by now and so I thought I’d suspender my search for a while and just have a bare and get abreast of the scenery.

For some reason the rest of the evening was foodless but fun. I woke up the next morning – just about - and realised that I had failed in my quest, so set about it anew that evening. Well, to cut a long story short and get to the important bit, I can tell you that I eventually found the restaurant which challenges you and I can state unequivocally ( which proves I’m not drunk )…

No Contest!!
Your reputation is safe.

However, there is the little matter of the cost of my meals and my bar bill which, I am sure you will agree, was incurred on your behalf, including bar-fines ( although I’m still not sure what I did wrong ).

Oh, yes, and the new pair of trousers; all my others seem to have shrunk.
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